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Re: Youth and breakfalls.

Again, Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts. Just wanted to followup with you all.

Last Night I went to class early and pulled out the big crash mat. I worked on breakfalls with my son for 1/2 an hour. As you all predicted, he picked up on breakfalls right away. The class instructor for the eveining, was watching us practice. Much to the surprise of the rest of the class, she decided to change that class from the planned weapons class and have everyone work on breakfalls. So we did a one hour class of breakfall practice. By the end of the class my son was doing breakfalls on the regular tatami from kokyunage techniques.

Afterwords, he told the instructor it was the best class he had taken yet, which in 12 year old terms means it was the most fun. Go figure I know a number of the newer students appreciated having a dedicated class on breakfalls, some of which have been in Aikido for over a year but were just not comfortable with high falls. Myself and the other, ahem.., older students had an opportunity to polish our ukemi

Another AIkido success story,

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