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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

Yes both videos definitelly showed that, however the punches were relatively fast for someone who was not expecting one. It may not look all that fast to all of us watching the video over and over but I'm sure it appeared lightning fast to the guy who did'nt know it was coming. I mean yes they look slow to us at this time but when youre stunned by the situation to begin with, it may not be all that slow to you at that time.

In any event, the best thing is not to get into a situation like that to begin with but personally, I'm not sure I would remain quiet if I was waiting in line and someone butted in. So I guess to all on here that blamed the victim, I would have been asking for it too.

It's nice to see that real street attacks are more in line with what we train than many tend to believe. However during our training with yokomen uchi and haymaker attacks we found that the two are quite different. Both of the attacks in those videos were haymakers and I believe we should all practice haymaker defence not just yokomen uchi strike defence.
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