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Re: Non-Japanese Shihans?

Alvin Nagasawa wrote:
Mr. Peter A. Goldsbury, Thank you for your response. Which is very informative, detailed, respectful. I would hope the the people that view this thread will find that the information that you have provided is well taken. With the situation at Hombu dojo(office management) and funding situation. It's not a priority situation for them. What if the International Aikido Federation start a English web site. Where everyone can e-mail there questions and view Promotions, Shihan promotions and so on International Federation web site. I have no idea of all the different country's and affiliated Dojos that are members of the International Aikido Federation community. This could be a loop hole to follow up?.
Mr Nagasawa,

The IAF has had a web site up and running for several years. The URL is and there are discussion forums open to non-IAF members. It would be too big a job to post all the Hombu dan promotions there. However, posting the senior ranks, e.g., 6th dan and above, which are fewer, is quite feasible.

Yours sincerely,

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