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Re: Non-Japanese Shihans?

Daniel Neves wrote:
Great News!!!!!

Please, if you see Sensei BERNATH in these days, send him our congratulations from SAKANASHI Sensei and all his students of the Centro de Difusion del Aikido in Argentina.

Has he been promoted to nanadan, too?
I have sent word to him for you all. I believe he's still 6th dan at the moment.

Please tell Sakanashi Sensei that we all enjoyed his last visit here. I would love to see him again.

Don and Jim, I've sent word to Peter as well. He says that we should have a parade for him.

As to Jun's comment about where to see this officially, I don't know , but I can tell you that it is "official" according to Penny. From what I remember her telling me this morning, the decision was made this January and Peter was told this past week, but I don't think a formal announcement was made, yet. And, as many may know it's a hugh thing for our organization. We are very happy for Peter and the others who are award Shihan as well.

Anne Marie Giri
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