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Re: Non-Japanese Shihans?

Michael Young wrote:
ummm...maybe I'm just bing a little naive here or perhaps I'm missing something, but couldn't someone be kind enough to translate the info on the website for the rest of us who do no know enough Japanese to translate it for ourselves. I think that is what is being asked (or at least implied). Is this some type of big social no-no or what? The info is there, its just not in English, right? (Its late in the evening, sorry about the sarcastic tone)
And I have just got home from supervising some doctoral students, so you must forgive my sarcastic tone, if you detect it. The Aikikai's Japanese-language site is quite large and I think no member of this forum has the authority\or the time\to produce translations on demand. The Aikikai has a web site in English and if it were thought necessary, translations would be provided. If anyone wants a list of non-Japanese shihans recognized by the Aikikai, well, there is an e-mail address ( and they know enough English to produce a web site in the language... Why not ask directly?

Michael Young wrote:
On another note about the Shihan title. Obviously the title is an honor bestowed on those who have dedicated their lives to not only learning Aikido, but to putting forth a extraordinary effort to spreading and teaching the art. But does the title also have some "concrete" power/responisibility that goes along with it? Something I've always been interested in knowing...does having the title of Shihan through Hombu Dojo (Aikikai) allow one to promote students to higher ranks: i.e. generally Shidoin are usually allowed to test students up to ranks of Nidan or Sandan. Does this change with the Shihan title, I wonder? Isn't a Shihan allowed to test, promote, and sign the certificates of students up to and including their own rank, or does that require some other Hombu approval? Will it be different for non-Japanese Shihan?

Just some more discussion fodder.

As stated earlier the Shihan title should be seen in combination with the Aikikai's regulations, which are on the web site in English. The organization, not the individual shihan, has the power to seek dan promotions based on the rank of the highest ranked member of the organizations's Teaching/Examination Committee.

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