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Re: Non-Japanese Shihan?

Alvin Nagasawa wrote:
Thanks for following up on this posting on :Non-Japanese Shihan?. I am sure allot of the reader of this forum. would like some answer's. And if Mr. Goldsbury or Lisa has the time to follow up. I for one would appreciate their individual efforts on this subject. This Shihan issue has been a topic of decision for many years. It's just a title, Lets not make it more than it is. I doesn't make this person better than you or I . We are all human beings. Let's just concentrate on one's own individual training. Leave the politics to the politicians.
Hi Alvin - it's been awhile!

The regulations for shihan are listed on the Japanese side of the Aikikai hombu website (in Japanese). In general (off the top of my head):

1) Organizations must apply, not the person themselves.
2) The person must be at least 6th dan, and have been 6th dan for at least 6 years.
3) The shihan certification committee meets once a year to review applications.

There's also an application form available for downloading if anybody's interested .



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