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Re: Randori

George S. Ledyard wrote:
By Randori, do you mean "freestyle" training or "multiple attacker" practice? Some people use this term differently than others.

Also, who is your teacher there? I know someone who teaches in Istanbul.

Hi, I am not so sure (I know randori just from videos-I said we never did it)...I mean, multiple attacker (for example 3) tryes to lock one guy, and the style is free...can we say free styled multiple attack!!!
Mr. Miller wrote "there is either juwaza or randori and juwaza is the traditonal one"...we do (I mean the and 2. Kyu's do) Juwaza...therefore I think our sensei does not let us do randori...
My teacher is Besim Aslan, but I know (or at least have heard) most of the trainers in Istanbul. who do you know?

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