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Re: It Had to Be Felt #31: Tamura Nobuyoshi: The Sharp Blade

I started aikido in 1971 with a student of Murashige sensei. In 1972 I attended my first seminar with Tamura sensei somewhere in Belgium. I remember he came to me to correct my movement and when he did the technique, his movement was very "huge" and a lot of power. I remember this because in that time I also followed seminars with Hirokazu Kobayashi and his movement were almost minimalistic.
Tamura sensei did also some iai training during his seminars.
In my mind, Tamura sensei is always doing big round movements, a lot of walking around when he did the technique with you. I can't remember if his techniques were painfull because I always associate painfull techniques with Kanetsuka sensei....
This is a long time ago....

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