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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Hunter Lonsberry wrote: View Post
You can certainly have a "clash" of forces within ones self. For example pushing with the shoulder dillutes any power generated below it, as pushing with the shoulder pushes back into ones self and negates some of the power generated elsewhere.

I'm not so sure this applies to the balloon model, as local muscle usage is reduced, thus the "dillution" discussed above does not happen to the same degree.
Thanks for the reply, Hunter! I can definately see clashing in my own body: in trying to "push" from some given area I find other areas tightening up which then seems to limit my range as well as my ability to approach that range (and thus, I assume, my overall power potential)...nevermind subtler aspects of moving that I'm not cued in to yet.
I forget what prompted the balloon analogy, but I remember a physics class showing vectors going in opposite directions. In a sense they're clashing (i.e. opposite directions), but they also create a more or less balanced interior pressure which when combined with the elasticity of the balloon, makes for interesting load tranfers (pushing into one point will apply pressure throughout). If we can control the elasticity at will, I would think we could diffuse incoming pressures and shape their direction. If we picture a balloon sitting more or less on top of the hips with a pole running vertically, with limbs and whatnot, you have roughly where my mind is at with trying to apply "internals" concepts to strengthening and balancing my structure. This balloon idea is basically where my mind goes when I try to consider a union of opposites; as I twist my torso, for example, I can feel the "balloon" develop stretches and they're never as symmetrical as I'd like them to be (i.e. opposites not like that).
Does that more or less fit with your understanding?

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
turtles are not physics; elephants are.

*sorry for folks who aren't terry pratchett fan*
I'm hoping to round out my Discworld Doctrine this Christmas; I find it's good for the soul...or least one of them occupying at least one of the myriad foamy universes.
I'd also just like to say thanks to Krystal for speaking with a clarity I've regularly failed at in these conversations. It's been a pleasure to read.
Take care, y'all!

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