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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 18

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Well, hello!

OK, one final point on Saigo Tanomo. (I must thank everyone for not revealing, over the months, my punchline in that last afterwords in the book - but enough people have read it so. . .). I noted that the Hoshina clan were a) of Chinese descent, and b) family lore described a family style of fighting which used a sword with a broader blade, sounding Chinese. I noted that maybe, just maybe, there was a family art, transmitted from China through the Hoshina family, and maybe, after all, Takeda did learn something special from Saigo Tanomo. I put this out there, from an anecdotal account from someone who had a member of the family as a houseguest. Perhaps some avid researcher will do the digging.
Remember, too, my last appendix - essentially signposts to flesh out, by research, many of the speculative (plausible) theories I raised.
I will respond to other points Peter raises in his wonderful (again, I'm honored to receive such attention) review. But here, a response to issue on credentials and Takeda.

Ellis Amdur
Saigo family was distinguished family at least since Muromachi era.I think its hard to say Saigo was chinese descent.
and Sagawa denied Saigo tanomo got it(Aiki) judging from the picture.
he thinks Aiki and most of Daito ryu waza were invented by Takeda sokaku.

Btw,by reading TP, Sagawa seems to deny Aiki is internal power.
what do you think about it?
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