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Re: Aikikai Dan Ranks

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Greetings Professor,

I never said his response was of use, only that he responded. He told me that my teacher's rank is registered at aikikai but mine is not (information that I already knew). After inquiring again about the possibility of having my rank registered at the aikikai, his response was as follows:

"It would be better to contact to the Aikikai authorized person or organization in your area."

Not very useful at all I'm afraid.
But that is exactly what you need to do. It is exactly the correct answer. Maybe not what you were hoping to hear ...

According to the guidelines your instructor and a 2nd dan need to form their own organization or you need to go through an authorized aikikai person/organization. Your grade through 3rd dan can come from your 5th dan instructor but for them to be recognized you (or your instructor) need to go through the above process. It is spelled out pretty clear on the aikikai web site.

The only exception is if a shihan goes to bat for you - even better if it is one of the 'super' shihans.

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