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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

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Yeah, right. Next time you are pulled over, tell the cop you don't have your license on you but you went to the DMV multiple times and blogged about it, so clearly you weren't speeding.

"Ueshiba's aiki," Mark. If you have any right to speak of this thing with authority it should be extremely straightforward to explain.
If the supposed cop is not an official LEO, trying to exert authority that he/she does not have, then there is no issue. *shrug* Not sure what picture you're trying to paint here. Perhaps if David Alexander had posted stating that he had learned straight from Ueshiba that the secret to aikido was awase, then, your example could possibly be valid. (Although even then, that flies in the face of all the historical evidence from everyone else who talked about Ueshiba). But, a friend of the friend of the cop's friend, pulling people over and asking for licenses? Not sure that's going to work very well in the real world.

Now, how about back to the topic? You keep trying to move us away. If you want to talk about me, open a new thread somewhere else. Awase vs aiki as being the unique aspect to aikido. Any thoughts on that? Research?

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