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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

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You can forum post all you want, that gives you no right to argue anything about what Osensei could do, what he said, what he taught, or what he didn't teach. You weren't there, he didn't teach you, you are not part of that chain of information transfer.

It is a matter of ownership - you own your own experiences, insights you have earned through training, stuff gleaned from conversations, random little thoughts you have reading the translations or whatever that inspire you to go try something new. My advice is to argue in those terms rather than claiming an understanding of Ueshiba and "Ueshiba's aiki" that you don't have.
You would have to know my training history and experiences to state whether or not I have that right. Something you stated you did not. Even if you did know that, by your own logic, you, personally, would have to have been there with Ueshiba, have Ueshiba teach you, and be a part of that chain of information transfer to know for sure if that information was different from mine. Either way, logically, your argument fails

And you would have to know exactly what Ueshiba's aiki is that you can state that I do not have that knowledge. So far, you have not provided yourself as knowing that. Logically, your argument fails here, too.

So, by your very own post's logic, you have no basis whatsoever to actually state either of those propositions.

Now, let's start over since that gets us nowhere but round and round in circles.

Go through my research and point to where your experiences show that I am not on solid ground. Point to research that invalidates mine. Got to seminars with exponents of aiki. Not seminar, seminars. Not exponent, but exponents. Then point to where my theories are invalid. Probably a thousand posts of mine here on Aikiweb deal with a lot of research and experiences. You have touched upon none of them.

Then, when you've done that, there are the posts of (in no particular order) Dan Harden, Rob Liberti, Marc Abrams, Chris Li, Greg Steckel, Howard Popkin, to name a few. Once you've started, other names will show up and point to where one can go for seminars or training and research.

Personally, if I was in your organization, I'd train and talk to Bill Gleason first. Great training with a top level aikido shihan who will speak his mind. (I'm assuming you've already trained with Saotome and gotten some hands on time with him, of course.)

Or you can just keep posting that I don't know what I'm talking about without anything to support it.

The view of awase with the train example still doesn't equal Ueshiba's aiki.
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