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Re: Who is training IS and why still?

Jeremy Hulley wrote: View Post
So I'm curious:

Who is out there training IS/IP?

Why are you still training IS/IP and what impact has it had on your training?

I'm still working on it even after a frustrating two days with Dan this week. That would be my frustration with myself..

I'm still working it because even at my low level I'm seeing clear benefits in my training including increase stability and more power with much less effort.

If I open my body correctly and express ten chi jin I am already under my opponent. This is true with weapons and with empty hand.

Thanks for your thoughts
Still around it does take awhile...

Of course, there are a number of things that are immediately useful, but I'd say a year to a year and a half for anything to even begin to manifest into conventional Aikido technique. It just takes time to condition the basic body usage.

OTOH, you can't argue with the results

Interestingly, we've been finding that new folks with no previous experience actually progress much more quickly - fewer years of bad habits to work through, I guess.



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