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Re: Who is training IS and why still?

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
Tohei's ki is no different than the Chinese qi - the difference lies in the misunderstanding of some of those that practice each.

My initial Aikido background is KI- Society and I see them as the same - however, not all applications of the use of ki are the same - there are medical applications and martial applications - and even in those subsets, there are variances; as in Ueshiba and Tohei, both used ki in their IS/IP development, but not in the same way.

sheesh Greg! is that the initial salvo of the next KI war?

as for IS training, after my encountered with some of the aforementioned IS deviants, i have been working on how their approaches are different, alike, complement, and/or oppose. some i figured out, some i have not. it's interesting and curiosity is my middle name (actually it's donuts and coffee). whenever i get opportunity i jump at the chance to learn new and unusual stuffs, IS/IP that is. oh yeah! and my goal is to acquire great power to satisfy the khan in me that wants to rule the world.

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