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Re: Nice Video...

Yes, I think that is something I can agree with - if I am understanding you correctly. Both principles (e.g. going around and being the center) are found in, for example, sword technique - or in all technique. I think it is always like that - both sides of a tactic are present, though both are never equal. The principle marks the presence (or the potential) of a tactic, but the situation marks correctness. Still, I don't think that correctness negates potential or principle - it only qualifies it. And that's why I would say, in agreement with Mr. Liberti, disqualifying something by a philosophy of absolutes is probably not the best thing. Let's just say, "For situation 'x,' doing 'y' is probably not the best thing and/or even the correct thing." That is the kind of statement my own experience can agree with.

Interestingly, it is often the case that in sword (vs. sword) you go around more than the vice versa (which is for the most part different from body art as it is commonly practiced in some circles) - go figure. ;-)

David M. Valadez
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