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Re: Nice Video...

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
But normally, any good attacker wants to regain his balance immediately, he will not stack himself in one place waiting to be off balanced.
I think this was the point

Any good attacker *will* try and regain his balance immediately. It follows that any good shite will try and make it so that he cannot. It also follows that a "good attacker" will try to attack without losing their balance at maybe a good shite might have to deal with that.

If uke keeps their balance by standing firm and planting feet then having them lose their balance without having them need to move their feet seems like a good thing to do.

Seems like a pretty straight forward concept to me. Especially since I've been there. <wry grin>

Of course, Its hard to practice something that you haven't seen and don't believe in. Its more of a theoretical discussion than anything else for me anyway. Maybe when I get older I'll understand more <sigh>.



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