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Re: Nice Video...

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
I'd like very much to feel it one day.
For the moment I think it is only possible if there is some kind of convention that prevent uke from being actif.

Otherwise, I think it is simply physically impossible to freez uke after breaking his balance(see judo players). Advanced uke, only by slightly shifting his weigh, without moving at all is able to regain his balance. That's why I keep him moving all time in order to maintain off balance.
Convention is one possibility. Another is the line of attack of a second or third uke or some other environmental variable.

Optimally, yes, nage wants to be able to be still while moving uke. But if there are multiple lines of attack, or walls, or surface drops that can intervene, there may be case-by-case reasons for nage to move while uke does not.

Given the difficulty of getting to the point where nage can consistently make uke move around, as a practical matter, if you train toward that goal while keeping an eye on how you have to move to fix your mistakes on the suboptimal reps, it should be possible to develop both skill sets over time.

Fred Little
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