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Re: Nice Video...

If shite moving around of uke, and uke is not moving, it means that uke holds his balance.
I haven't found that to be true. Shioda Sensei, in either Dynamic Aikido, or The Masters Course, speaks of 'fixing' uke's power, and of breaking their balance and freezing them in one position. Breaking someone's balance is one thing, breaking their balance and keeping them from taking a step and regaining their balance another.

But I must say that I have felt people like Henry Smith Sensei who spiral me around them like a top while seemingly barely moving themselves. It is a wonderful style of technique, very powerfull, and a good example of flowing from ikkyo, nikyo, sankyo, yonkyo, iriminage then down! without me ever regaining balance. When I try his technique, I'm moving all over the place! When he does it, I'm moving, he is still and balanced, and I've got no choice except ride the wind...and pray he doesn't smack me somewhere in there because my ukemi stinks...

I thought the jo work form was yosh, but the movements and positioning looked I understand why...Thanks!


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