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Michael Stuempel wrote:
My take would be that as shite you want to be in the strongest position for the next movement in the technique while uke is in the weakest. That can be achieved sometimes by move uke around you and sometimes by you moving around uke.

A good example is shihonage because there you don't really want uke to take a step, but want to rotate their arm around their shoulder, so shite has to move to make that rotation work.
I think, not only shihonage, but ANY technique in any aikido style is not possible to do on static attacker.
It doesn't depend of style; it is based on physical construction of human body.
Because aikido is an exchange. If shite moving around of uke, and uke is not moving, it means that uke holds his balance. it means an opening and possible counter.

In my shihonage uke is ALWAYS moving, in both, omote and ura versions. I can lead him using leverage, timing and changing distance, but I lead him in the way, he's moving AND loosing his balance.

Even if you go for choke behind uke, he must move forward as you enter irimi. Otherwise irimi isn't possible. I can't see ANY martial reason to go around uke. Aikido is based on sword work. With sword, you not waving and running around opponent, you enter and cut his center(irimi and atemi). Aikido is about that.


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