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Re: Nice Video...

Ron Tisdale wrote:
is that I believe I have seen high level yoshinkan instructors both move uke around them, and move themselves around uke, depending on the circumstances.
Hey Ron,

As a fellow YoshiOrc, I agree with you. I've seen/felt both too. Anyone watching Ando Sensei will see the value of shite moving around uke (and that's before the "technique" part of the technique even starts half the time).

My take would be that as shite you want to be in the strongest position for the next movement in the technique while uke is in the weakest. That can be achieved sometimes by move uke around you and sometimes by you moving around uke.

A good example is shihonage because there you don't really want uke to take a step, but want to rotate their arm around their shoulder, so shite has to move to make that rotation work.

On the other hand, in irimi nage or kotegaeshi its a lot easier if uke is constantly falling around you before the technique is applied.

I do sometimes find that in our [Yoshinkan] training shite sometimes seems to make a lot of moves to do one thing to uke, but the concept of uke not feeling anything (or just a brief discomfort) before the final *splat*(tm) is key to this idea.

My thoughts...which are all borrowed and have been re-packaged for the internet...


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