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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

Hi Jon

Yes an interesting interview albeit a little out of date.

It does somewhat criticise the state of the nation, and probably rightly so.

Aikido has spread far and wide and to satisfy demand then there are 'teachers' with limited Aikido ability everywhere.

I don't see this as a problem when these instructors remain open and share their knowledge while being honest with students that they are not the be all and end all of Aikido and there is more...much more learn.

This is an important part of the interview to me "WG: Once again, I believe that the answer here is to reinstate aiki back into aikido. "

Those that are open and honest and with an ear to the ground cannot fail to recognise that there is a growing movement for all of us to re-evaluate our Aikido and consider this.

You tongue-in-cheek mention 'IS' ..but the proliferation of posts here is having an impact - people 'out there' are challenging dojo activities with an awareness that IS , kokyu-rokyu or whatever is perhaps the end game for Aikido.

Consequentially - there are changes afoot, maybe not everywhere, but they are growing.

You also mention ki Aikido and traditional coming together interesting thought.

Do you not think this is happening then?

I've been on courses with you in last couple of years - looking at the representation at these courses its clear that there is a coming together.

Aikido - whether through ki or traditional is Aikido. Full stop.

What differs is the training methodology - not the Aikido.

As an aside - What has been a problem is that people have focussed on the training methodology instead of the true goals.

People get hung up on doing a great ikkyo for instance instead of using ikkyo as a tool to develop martial base/skills.

Anyway - this is changing.

Look at the courses you attended recently...say Stephane Bennedetti or Yamashima courses.

Locally you've got representation from Bath Aikido Society with clubs in Bristol and Bath, from Templegate Dojo in Bristol and others who are 'traditional' whatever that is...but you've also got Alistir Gillies with a very strong ki federation background having a very positive influence on those that train with him.

Its a good thing and the south west and wales should see some quality instructors emerge over the next few years whose primary focus is not so much about agreeing how you get there..but agreeing where 'there' is in the first place


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