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Re: Aikido Extensions with Bruce Bookman

Bookman-sensei taught a surprise class on this a few days ago (Sunday, 22 July, to be specific) at Birankai Summer Camp. It was a bit abridged from the Aikido Journal course, but it was incredibly fun! He made the point a couple times, "I'm not trying to make you a jujitsu person or a boxer, but it's good to know a little!" Based on what we covered in the class, I felt that his implied point was that it is "good to know a little", so you can know what else could happen if you were forced to use aikido techniques outside the dojo, and how to respond to that "what else" in a way that gets you back to aikido.

For example, he showed (as in the video course) that kaitennage used against a wrestler or BJJ person could possibly lead to that other person going for a double or single leg takedown. What's an aikidoist to do at that point? Sensei taught us iriminage and sutemi waza responses.

Similarly, he covered uke rolling through an ikkyo pin and "crushing the jab" (as he calls it).

Outside the dojo, I have a group of buddies I occasionally get together and do some boxing or wrestling. So far, we've kept the two sports separate (as far as sparring/rolling goes), but I'm going to see if they are willing to mix it up enough to try out some of what Sensei taught.
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