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Re: Countering Ikkyo with Strength

Here's a vid of me and my partner doing what I call strong ikkyo.

My objective is to simply stop tori doing ikkyo by clamping on hard - and stopping him doing it. Yes, I have told him to do ikkyo, and I am thinking, I am not going to let him do it. No way! Therefore, his technique had better be good.

The emphasis is on the beginning, not the middle of the technique. When it's my turn, the uke first doesn't grab hard enough and doesn't try to stop me hard enough. This is our problem is it not. Ask your self. And my secret, which is not really a secret at all, is to start a little bit earlier (time is important, and is never fair or equal) to prevent his strong grip. But the thing is, he must try to stop me, which is as I said, not normal in most Aikido. Indeed, they'll tell you, your stiff, relax. Idiots, if you ask me.

The funny thing is, if you train like this, once past the initial movement, tori's strength actually helps you do the technique and there is no way he can stop you mid-technique. Give it a try. And if it's too easy, find an uke who can stop you, and learn to 'get over it'. It's actually, quite fun.

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