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Re: Ueshiba's Golden Lights

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I see evidence that they are not the same.

There are studies in which lights and other hallucinations have been induced with magnets. There are many historical claims to enlightenment by people that could not fight. Neither Takeda, Sagawa, or any of the other Japanese IS masters besides Ueshiba claimed to be enlightened as far as I know. I also have not heard of any modern Chinese IS masters claiming spiritual enlightenment.
Let me see....


After this incident Sokaku studied this esoteric Buddhism under the old ascetic on the top of Mt. Abira. About two weeks later, Sokaku woke up one morning only to realize that the old ascetic and his five companions in white had disappeared. Sokaku was supposed to be a martial artist. However, he slept until morning without even noticing the departure of the six men. He had never experienced such a thing before. He was careless for a martial artist and deeply ashamed of his negligence. Thinking that his experience of the past two weeks was but a dream, he was reminded of the scar on his right thigh where he had stabbed himself with a dagger to confirm that the supernatural power of the old ascetic who called forth the wind was real. This proved he had indeed spent time with the six ascetics.

Through this experience Sokaku learned a great deal about his own attitude toward martial arts training. Until them, he had devoted himself to his training only hoping to become strong and to be able to win in a match. However, he realized that he could not compare with the supernatural powers possessed by the ascetics who could call the clouds and wind. He was clearly defeated by them and deeply ashamed of himself. Sokaku also learned that he had been a man of little faith.

Sokaku continued his martial arts training and at the same time began visiting dojos of esoteric Buddhism in various towns intending also to engage in religious training. He moreover visited spiritual mountains in the country for training. Later, Sokaku studied under Chikanori Hoshina (aka Tanomo Saigo) who was an assistant priest of the Nikko Toshogu Shrine in Mt. Futara. He studied the secret mind reading technique of aiki and acquired various super-human powers such as an unyielding spirit, clairvoyant power, and prescience.

Although only about five feet tall, Sokaku became a very unusual martial artist and continued to travel around Japan teaching and spreading Daito-ryu until well into his 80s. Such a feat was made possible only by his superhuman power of aiki.
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What evidence supports the claim that they are all the same?
Claim? Where?
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