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Carina Reinhardt wrote: View Post
Hi Ross and Diana,
I would like to delete the bad things I wrote about what happens in our island, sometimes I'm too sincere. I just wanted to explain in my poor english, that things that are good in the US don't work in Spain.
I'm really sorry, maybe Jun can delete them,
Hi Carina,

I believe if you are logged in, you can edit or delete your own posts. I think this is a wise policy, and I hope none will be criticized for wanting to control their own message.

That said, I do hope you'll be unafraid to say things that express your views and feelings. Even in aiki (sometimes especially) we must find a way to criticize. We aim to be constructive, but sometimes we must tear down also as part of being a warrior and a healer.

I can't know (but perhaps I can learn?) what the political situation is for budo where you live. It's true that sometimes professionals band together to form guilds, influence legislature, exclude rivals, guard trade secrets, and so on. This is rarely a good thing.

Sometimes professionals band together to establish standards of safety and excellence. If done well, this can be a very good thing. Among building trades, this has generally balanced out to be a good thing, and its absence in Haiti has proven too tragic for words.

As I say, I can't know, but I suspect that whatever problem or concern you have in your situation also exists here in the United States somewhere and in some form. We have many aikido organizations. Many of them are self-serving, and some are specifically dedicated to the service of society. But so far we are lucky to be able to practice freely and be independent if we choose.

It's my belief that economies follow evolutionary principles. What works, persists. What persists is sometimes monstrous, sometimes beautiful. As conscientious humans, I think we are obliged to do our part to choose economies that are not monstrous. We need to sustain the ones that sustain us, the ones that promote beauty, health, joy, compassion, and dignity.

Perhaps some day I may be privileged to see your lovely island first hand. Until then, please do continue to speak your mind in whatever manner serves. Your voice matters.

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