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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

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Well, Keith, the true purpose of budo, as Morihei explained it, is "to stop violence." And that means the violence in our own hearts, yes, but it also means the ability to stop a strong man from hurting the weak people in his path. Which means having the ability to control a strong man. That's the real meaning of budo, along with controlling ourselves
I don't disagree, but would note that it is not that we use power and control to dissipate the situation it is more as Mike suggested; that the force and aggression of the opponent is what ultimately results in the futility of their own actions. We as Aikidoka just want to lend a guiding hand.

As we know this takes an immense amount of skill physically, emotionally and spiritually, much more than it if would if we were simply using our own power and control to defeat them.

Enjoy the journey
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