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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

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Figuring that Ueshiba was about 5-feet tall and understanding that he had a more linear version of this type of power, you can see where IP certainly has it's place.
I don't doubt for one second that what you say isn't true, or that internal power doesn't have a great deal of usefulness and validity. And I am not here to promote a dead Sensei I never even met. Although I think as you can see from the clip, Nakazono Sensei is about as grounded and connected as could be, and "internal power" (not necessarily manifesting in the same way as the Sensei in your clip) but it seems apparent that whatever it is he clearly had it in abundance.

Again I am more referring to the those who wish to gain such powers and strength in order to control others, and that this is potentially a dangerous path (Which you could say equally for a myriad of things). And asking the question where do we draw the line in our desire for power and control.

Modern man tries to impose his will onto all sorts of things, even nature, perhaps ultimately to his own demise. This is not Aikido, this is not living in accordance with the way, it is not truth.

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