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Re: What is what with Scott Sonnon's material?

I'm no authority but:

Joseph Brown wrote: View Post
Nothing from what I know of motor control and learning or skill development and specificity provides a rationale for that...
Wait, what about classic hebbian plasticity? Every time you make a movement with normal mechanics you are maintaining certain synapses that you don't want. This could be in brain, spinal cord, and at the neuro-muscular junction. (in theory.) You are also maintaining the weak state of certain synapses that you may need to strengthen for internal-type movement.

In other words, every movement is a chance to do the uphill battle of reprogramming, or if you use normal mechanics, it is a chance to make that hill taller and steeper. (or at least maintain the steepness of the hill)

Joseph Brown wrote: View Post
That would almost suggest that one's muscles should be weak in order to build internal strength. Ummmm, I don't buy that.
Well, I don't totally buy that muscles "should" be weak either. (though it may help sometimes) But it is fun to point out that I have heard of that method-- that weakening the normal strength can help. ("ki ga nai" solved by "chikara ga nai" on these very forums ... also is "invest in loss" meant to apply to this?) And it makes sense to some degree. Now, did anyone with proven skills make that argument? That I don't know.
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