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Re: What is what with Scott Sonnon's material?

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Hey Joseph, hope you're well.

I'll just throw this out there. People weigh a LOT more than even a heavy KB (and I'm a wuss, so I use a light one). If I can't eventually learn to use IP/frame to move a 25-35lb weight around, can I ever really expect to be able to use the same mechanics in a live resistant environment with a partner opponent? Will I be trapped in the realm of parlor tricks in the dojo? (not saying that this is where you are, please don't take this personally, this is really just something for folks to think about). I know when I'm doing push-out, I'm facing a lot more force of resistance from folks like Neil, Jeremy, John and Steve than 35lbs. Does frame/internal power only work on people or is it 'real' power?

Ark told me we shouldn't train weights. He also said his stuff will only work on humans and not on inanimate objects. Maybe it's because with IS, you're messing with people's balance or crushing their weak structure. I guess IS makes humans easier to handle compared to throwing around dead weight.

I also heard stories of a decent taiji teacher struggling with his heavy luggage in the airport, but during the seminars, he throws around ppl twice their size.

OTOH, there's a legendary story of Feng Zhiqiang who supposedly saved a huge machinery that weighed a couple hundred pounds from falling.

Also, I would assume IS training should get you physically stronger as a side effect. And it should since it does work the connective tissues and certain muscles.

Furthermore, even though Ark implied that his stuff won't work on inanimate objects, he still demonstrated shiko with Jeremy Hulley on his back. That showed his frame can handle a (very) heavy load as Jeremy. I don't see why Ark wouldn't be able to do that with a heavy backpack on his back.
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