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Re: Baseline skillset

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Actually, I made it abundantly and redundantly clear that my illustration was only to give an idea and was not complete. However, you appear now to be saying something like "Oh yeah, there's stretch after all, it's just not done like in your example". I agree completely, but you didn't agree at first. Regardless of how you do it, there must be extension/stretch by some means or there can be no connection. Period. Knowing that, go back and look at your previous post where you blew such things off. You appear to be changing your position.
Well here they both are. My direct answers unedited. I didn't say "oh yeah there's stretch....... after all."
In fact I said "it is included" in my two replies.
I think my posts are clear enough and I haven't changed my mind one whit. I just think you misunderstood what I wrote in all the other hubub that was going on. Or maybe not..

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Er...No. To me thats more or less framework. What I would show someone new to all this- day one. A straight, stretched posture doesn't play as big a part later. I am thinking more of eminating out from center, and pushing/following/pulling a facial chain throughout the body. To folks it feels flexible and feels rigid and at the same time remaining sensitive. And the breath (in/yo ho) has a lot to do with it. Its far more difficult then basic aiki-age, jin/kokyu framework you describe. I was surprised to hear a term "full" from a Chinese teacher. And it is good term for breathwork. From discussions I have had with Rob what I do is different from what he does. Slack is a difficult concept. There are any number of ways folks display it in movement. But stretching out-and using spine-work- while fine- is but a first step. A good one- but only one. I think there are other things to focus on. Honestly I think they're deeper things..
Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Seems to me you're on frame, posture and stretching out. Which is fine. It involves tendon/ fascia too. I am far more concerned with slack in fascia and a continuous pliable current throughout the body and mainpulated in the body for a sense of "fullness" as a friend would say. The spine and framework connections is fine, but I'll take the mass of the center connected to everything else. Funny, other then showing new guys I don't think much about force vectors in what I am concentrating on right now. It takes care of itself. Oh well, I don't do Chinese stuff or know how they train.
See ya

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