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Originally posted by jvdz
Hi all,

My sensei has just returned from Japan and got me a calligraphy as a present.
But the people at the store didn't knew what it meant, not exactly that is.

The calligraphy reads "Mu Yo Dju".
Does anyone know what it means?
I know enough Japanese to guess that it's going to be difficult to guess the meaning without seeing the calligraphy. Why? Well, the sound Mu can be represented by more than one character, each with a separate meaning. Moreover, often the sayings of calligraphy are in rather old Japanese. Can you provide more information? For example, how do you know that the characters represent the sounds Mu Yo and Dju?

Also, that third sound "Dju" doesn't seem natural to Japanese language. It seems odd. With more information, I'm sure that someone can provide you a translation.

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