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Kevin Wilbanks
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Speaking of keeping the goal in mind, you have now changed the subject. The original claim I disputed was that 200 cuts was good for developing grip strength. Now you have apparently conceded that only the first few reps would help to develop strength in someone who is weak (personally, I don't think I've ever met anyone who was too weak to do a dozen bokken strikes).

If the point of the exercise is skill and form development, 200 reps is also a poor prescription, as muscular fatigue will cause the movement pattern to deteriorate as one moves into higher reps and the body will compensate in whatever way it can, resulting in a large volume of practice with sloppy form. Take a look at athletes of all types that favor training methods developed via science and careful trial and error, as opposed to recieved dogma, and you'll find that they practice skill movements in small sets, with long rest in between, at the beginning of workouts, when fatigue is at a minimum.
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