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Cliff Judge
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Re: YouTube: 1984 NY Aikikai 20th anniv demo Chiba-sensei

Nice movement, nice control. Terrible, awful, unrealistic use of the sword.

One of the things that is weird is that Chiba Sensei executes a few techniques which, had the swords been real, would have resulted in uke being killed or maimed. My problem with this is that, if he wanted to kill his uke, at no point during this embu would he have had to do anything other than simply extend the tip of his sword forward an inch or so. Because he is in chudan, and his uke is in chudan right up on him, and then his uke decides to make a straight cut to Chiba's head.

I don't know why that ever became a thing - hey the guy in front of me is pointing his sword at my face, I guess i will just move right in for a straight cut to his head.
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