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Re: Is Aikido misunderstood in the Martial Art world?

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IHO it is far easier to work on becoming a better human being when one is vertical than horizontal and maybe not breathing. Not that a confrontation is "probable", but hey, why play the Vegas odds if one is already practicing a martial art already. It isn't like one has to go someplace that one isn't already going. If martial effectiveness is not taught during class then perhaps at an open class or after class could work.
Okay. So what's the nature of the "confrontation"? Gosh, won't you be a sorry-looking smear of bad-smelling paste if you spend all your time working on remaining "vertical" by means of techniques to defeat a boxer, only to get laid "horizontal" by an enraged former employee with several firearms and a matching set of ammo? Won't you make a nice-looking "horizontal" corpse when your significant other stabs you while you're sleeping?

In order to honestly tell yourself that you're training to remain "vertical", you need to honestly -- honestly -- ask yourself just what is threatening to make you "horizontal".
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