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Craig Hocker wrote:
Purposeful occasions like say at the formal closing of a class ?
I don't hear it being used otherwise much in dojos except in that instance.
This is really not relevant.

You seem to be carrying around a big chip on your shoulder of us-them baggage and what almost sounds like hakama-envy.

"Osu" apparently means different things in different contexts. What language doesn't have such complexity ? According to what is posted here, those in the Yoshinkan feel that "Osu!" has a deeper meaning than what the general public in Japan is aware of. Why are you looking for a conspiracy ?
Dear "Ki Ronin,"

To me, there is relevance. But I respect your opinion in disagreement. Also, my classes are formal and we do say "thank you" in Japanese, however we say it without "domo." Again, too formal.

Additionally, I have no chips, I have no need for them. I was just expressing my opinion (which is what you do in forums). Ok, I was venting some frustration, too. But hey, I'm human. Hakama envy?? Um. . . yeah, I own two myself. It's just my sense of humor. And I'm actually quite loveable and a little crazy .

Sooo. . . "Ki Ronin". . . or should I call you "Energy/Spirit Masterless Samurai" (too formal?). . . you sound like a pretty dangerous guy. I know! You must be a Jedi!!! Somehow you intuitively knew about my fetish for conspiracies!?!?
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