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go STU!

Thanks Stu! I am an aikido black belt, and I agree, aikido has been a total failure for me. At first I thought I would learn this martial art, and get stronger, but no fights ever occured to test that hypothesis, and now I seem to find myself in some wierd attitude where no matter how strong I come on to people who are lonely angry and confused and want violence, they seem to melt away.
But it is a failure. I practice aikido not for the fights that I never have, but for the fights that I do. I fight my pride and my arrogance, but you proved me wrong. I read your mail, and felt a little pissed, a little uppity, and more than a little proud of my "superior" stance in the world. Apparently all these years of practice haven't even prepared me to roll over someone as lonely as you would seem to be. I shouldn't have any problem beating you. You are a digital nidgit, a few words and paragraphs, but here I am with my pulse racing and my ego on the tip of my tongue. I am just like those sloppy guys and gals you had the pleasure of meeting, and probably run into every day when you wake up.
Thanks for the reminder.
I hope you win the fight you're looking for.
I sincerely do.
Tom Groendal