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Greg Jennings
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Originally posted by Stuart
ok... You guy's can attack me all you want but, you know i'm right. Deep down inside that is you know. <SNIP>
Nope. Never claimed to be better. Trained in karate and full-contact kickboxing and enjoyed them; thought they were great. Aikido is just my thing right now; think it's great too. Feel the same way about judo, jodo, iaido and several others.

But, I digress:

You say you can down aikidoka with one punch _or_ one kick. I say your mouth has made a wager that your a** can't cover.

So, in poker terms, I call. Come try me. You can find my dojo through the website in my signature.

I'll even let you have one punch _and_ one kick. You drop me, I'll give you $100; you fail for whatever reason, you give me $100.

Put up or shut up. And I didn't even take my shirt off.

But, you know what, you'll never show.

Another quote for you:

"Better to have lightening in the hand than thunder in the mouth".


Greg Jennings