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Okay, so it's not a technique question....

Since our dojo only has one dedicated weapons class and I've recently started working with weapons, I'm adding a weapons class at another dojo to my schedule. To get to this dojo, in time for the class, I ride my bike (14 miles one-way, 28 round-trip). It's easy enough to throw a gi into a pannier, but a jo and bokken simply don't fit. The couple of times I've gone so far, I've used bungee cords and strapped my weapons bag on side of the rack opposite the pannier, sticking straight up. This makes getting on and off the bike a pain, since I can't simply swing my leg over. Sticking them straight out the back, by strapping them on top of the rack, would make a few turns I have to take a bit difficult. The easiest way to transport them might just be to sling the bag across my back, but I don't really like carrying anything on my back, on a bike, for any distance.

Does anyone have any thoughts on a better way to do this? (At some point, I'll get around to posting this on Aikido-L.)

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