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Ai symbol Re: I'm Leaving Aikido

Hi!, As you bothered to write your goodbye at some length, it suggests you are looking for some kind olive branch from aikido, a way to show you Aikido can work?. I am only a 5th kyu and a very rusty one, as I left over 8 yrs ago, to concentrate on Wado Karate. I am 1st Dan now. Krav Maga is by it's own admittance a hybrid system, however, all arts are hybrid, then become traditional as time passes. Working in security as you do is not the same as all out fighting, as in security ,restraint and close up work is needed rather than punching etc. Legal eagles would take a dim view of security people punching or kicking clients, even if your situation had put you in that position. Try keeping Aiki as your core art, and by all means train in other styles to supplement. Aiki is longevity, maybe long after you give up security, Aiki has a heritage, and if you could interview O'Sensei, could you look him in the eye with your queries?. Your Aiki teacher may not supply you with what you need as your aims will differ from average student!. However Aiki roots are in the battlefield are they not?. Aiki training has weaknesses , such as constant emphasis on wrist grabs, compliance etc. Hoever, its strengths are tai sabaki body movement, trying to turn your opponent, ukemi, multiple attack randori, defence against knives, attacking the attack with you entry movement etc. The video supplied reinforces in my eyes aiki has answers to all those attacks. Away from Aiki, you can look at Geoff Thompson of the BCA, who teaches everything from fear control, to all out training, but even he and his peers will always return to traditional for the core principles. Cross training may be your answer, for punching as your back-up, or kicking or groundwork, but again i would keep Aiki as your core style. My own plans are to return to Aikido myself. Cheers!.
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