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Re: randori with superuke

screening or shielding is good,

but you might look to see if spending too much time per throw.
many people don't connect early enough with the next uke because they are still thinking about the last throw or tried too long to make a throw happen. Look hard at this especially if you find yourself often grabbing ukes rather than leading them into a throw. Also trying to throw every uke every time is a trap people often fall in to also. Allow yourself to choose your throws - place and time - and otherwise move quickly to evade by irimi, atemi, leading past into the way of another uke, etc. Throwing everyone quickly all the time is perfection. Feel real good about getting the flow going for 3-4 nice throws in a row. It's not hard to throw 2-3 ukes everytime. For four ukes or more don't get too greedy, move and evade.

say super-uke bounces up, but instead of throwing the next uke down you move quickly past adding to their energy so they go toppling forward into the path of super-uke.

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