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Re: For everyone who wants to find out if aikido works in the "real world"...

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I agree with David Soroko here. My teacher K Chiba spent some months in Iwama after he had a back injury and he also believed that atemi was a major aspect of aikido. (I believe the perecentage varies from teacher to teacher, but for him it was around 90%.) However, other teachers I have had did not stress atemi so much, in the sense that they did not do it as often as K Chiba. But they clearly realized its importance. (I am thinking here of Tada, Yamaguchi and Arikawa.)
Some Iwama atemi standards .These are standards in the sense that atemi is in the kihon technique and taught this way from the beginning. The one I haven't seen until practicing for quite a while is the kick during entering into shihonage (to prevent potential leg sweep counter ).

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