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Re: For everyone who wants to find out if aikido works in the "real world"...

I am definitely considered a rank newbie, (6 months sporadic aikido training) but I know that my Aikido would work in the 'real world', because my personal aikido also encompasses my previous significant kickboxing training. I am very comfortable with pugilism and I would not limit myself to what I have been taught for obvious reasons. Being proficient at Aikido would be fantastic however, I hope to get there one day! I personally believe pure aikido works in the real world, I believe in it enough to not test in a bar (I know what you're saying though!).

Perhaps my belief contravenes the spirit of aikido?

I guess what I am trying to say is, if someone is threatening your safety, sovereignty, you are in imminent danger, can't run and your aikido isn't working out; sometimes you just gotta punch them as hard as you can in their fat face until they leave you alone.
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