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Lee Salzman
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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
i believed the IS folks would challenge those statements, in that, they can divert forces downward and/or in any direction they want. of course, those IS buggers would also said they can do other stuffs which seemed to defy logic too. in one of the post, mike sigman has a picture of a guy standing on one leg and another dude pushing. the picture has various color lines and so on (i think he liked to play with crayons ). there is a video of Ark where he stood in parallel stand and doing pushing with other folks.
some of our assumptions might not be as valid as we might led to believe.
Well, we don't even need to get into IS, we can just appeal to what we can see from our own experience. What do you do most of the time with your feet, propelling yourself, and in what direction? Forward, roughly. As a species, I'd say we are pretty good with that whole bipedal walking forwards thing.

I think the problem is we lack imagination about setup. Now sure, if you want the contrived example of a person standing straight up, yep, it's gonna be difficult and require lateral thinking, but who says you need to go that off the map? Ask a person to help push a car, and they'll know what to do, aside from trying to politely decline the offer and tell you to call a mechanic, I mean physically. Ask a person to push a human, and they go stupid.
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