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Lynn Seiser (SeiserL) wrote:
Most pain comes because we take things personally. Lynn
I hate to constantly agree with Lynn, but I think she's right; its all about this ego thing. As far as I understand it (though I know some of you have different interpretations) - when Ueshiba said 'I am the universe', he wasn't boasting; he was saying that each and every one of us is a part of one whole - in fact the universe is one entity and our individuality is an 'illusion'. For me that is why selfish actions come from a misunderstanding of reality (rather than being intrinsically evil or anything). We all know we are going to die, and eventually the whole human race will die out. There is no real goal - I always find that very comforting.

I think Ueshiba said something like life is the arena where we test our spiritual strength (or at least that meaning).

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