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Re: Aikido - Breaking the barrier

The reason I say this, is cos in John Stevens biography, it said that Uheiba didn't turn up to some demonstrations, if the vibe didn't feel right.

OK, meet and talk to all people. But, in my experience, there are some, whom, charming as they are, aren't good to stay around for a long while. You end up wearing your batteries down. I've been in positions where, out of stubborness, and a desire to prove how tough I am, I've interacted with people, who really, shouldn't have many friends at all, but do, cos they are really experienced con men.

YOU might meet them, and they may say, 'Hey, you've really impressed me with that move! Can you show me it again?' And, they'll want to see it again and again and again, until you trip up.

Just show them the once. Then, say goodbye.
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