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Titles in Japanese

Perhaps I'm being pedantic but I'm a bit confused. My command of Japanese is limited to "john went to the hotel by taxi" or "the bookcase is in the corner" as well as some phrases associated with dojo life and judo/aikido skills.

Sensei vs. Shihan.
My understanding is that one would say "Mr. Johnson is a sensei" if he's a teacher/professor/instructor/doctor/etc.
And one would say "Mr. Johnson is a shihan" if he's a person who teaches other sensei.
If you're introducing someone, say, the shihan for an organization, you'd say something like "Mr. Johnson is our shihan" but in addressing him directly you'd still say "Sensei Johnson" and not "Shihan Johnson?" Or if you're speaking to him you'd say "excuse me sensei" instead of "excuse me shihan"? Kinda like how you call the King "your Majesty" instead of "King"?
Or am I overly fussed about very little?
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