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Originally posted by L. Camejo
I'm warming up to investing in crash mats more and more.
I've been leading an ukemi class for a couple of months (once a week) now. Since our dojo didn't have a crash pad, I went and used the next best thing which was available in our dojo guest room -- a nice, thick futon. Maybe you can find a cheap futon that someone can donate?

Am I wrong in attempting to get this person with the back problem to roll??? Should I just leave it out of that person's practice as being too dangerous due to the person's condition?
It's hard to say anything regarding someone's medical condition since I'm no medical professional.

However, as far as the mental aspect goes, just like in everything else, I'd have to say that the only way a person is going to change is if he or she initiates the change. Maybe they'll become a bit more comfortable doing rolls on a crash pad kind of surface? Just keep being supportive and I'm sure (at least, I hope!) they'll overcome their fears.

What Mona wrote was good stuff, too.

-- Jun

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