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Originally posted by L. Camejo
This person has a slight curvature of the back and I think the roll phobia has to do with some mental conditioning about protectig their back due to their medical condition.
The funny thing is that the same person seems to be pretty good at backward and side breakfalls.

Arigato Gozaimashita
ahem..well, I was EXACTLY LIKE this person once...Not so long ago, actually.
And from the point of view of such a 'mentally blocked' person, all I can tell you is the more pressure you put on your student, the more mentally blocked this student will become. My advice to the sensei (with all due modesty and humility, naturally!) in such cases would be:
"Do Not GIVE all of the technical instructions at once. Give one small tip per session and have him/her work on that, preferably in a small corner of the dojo, where nobody is looking. "

In this manner, the student will slowly but confidently apply all of the tips.
Then one day, out of the blue, the student will have a 'sudden epiphany' and bang! he/she will be doing those mae ukemi almost perfectly, just like that!

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