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Re: Improvised Weapons No. 1: The Umbrella

In my misspent youth in the Gorbals [ a very high class rat infested slum] in Glasgow the local bad lad sometimes sewed Gillette razor blades into their cloth caps/jacket lapels. Another little dodge was a bike chain again secreted in a jacket lapel.
Lets not forget the essential tools of the semi professional hard man the well known 'Malky [Fraser]' ie Barbers open razor and the famous 'Chib'. For those who are not informed what a chib is, its a superior quality , slightly reinforced cosh.It was so well used and known the word Chib became not only a noun , but also a verb.To chib someone was to place a large dent on somebodys
For myself, being an young chap[aged 10/11] my favourite instrument was a tin can ,and utilising a piece of fine timber, flattened into a tomahawk that Geronimo would have been proud of.
Cheers, Joe
Ps .I look around and note with sadness that Tin can tomahawks have ceased to exist in the armoury of todays young tearaways.
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